For everyone, that wants more than just standard solutions.

We offer customer specific solutions, fast and useful!

Customer specific solutions

Development of customer specific solutions for everyone that wants more than just standard.

Useful solutions

We develop solutions, that are useful and easy to work with.

Fast delivery of solutions

The rapid development allows you to work with the solutions when you need them.

Software development for every need

Software developer with extensive and solid expertise in many different fields

Known programming and script languages

  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic 6/.NET
  • PHP
  • Python
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • PowerShell
  • Assembler (x86/16, x86/32, AMD64, ADSP 2189)

Known operating systems

  • Windows (16/32/64 Bit)
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS X
  • Linux
  • DOS