Experience through a variety of projects

  • App development for Android and Windows Phone (Java, C++, C#)
  • Lexware Warenwirtschaft invoice form creation and customization
  • Laboratory information system (Visual Basic 6)
  • Wage accounting (Germany) (C#, C++)
  • FreeBasic (BASIC Compiler for Windows, Linux, and DOS)
  • Automated quality ensurance with a camera systemen (embedded software development with assembler, C, C++)
  • RestSharp.Portable (C#, Open source projekt)
  • Building WordPress web sites
  • HTTP communication over SOCKS4/4A/5 proxies

Challenging tasks

  • Migration of several projects to current development tools
    • Migration from Visual C++ 6 to Visual C++ 2010
    • Migration from Visual SourceSafe to Mercurial and Git
  • Migration of projects to current operating systems
    • Migration of an application from DOS to Windows